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MDS Dry Dosing, Weighing and Feeding Solutions

STM Smart Feeders

Available Configurations
  • Single System, Compressed Air Propulsion
  • Single System, Low-pressure Blower Propulsion
  • Dual System, Compressed Air Propulsion
  • Single System, Liquid Propulsion

Design Benefits
  • Complete feeding system
  • No additional components needed
  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy at low injection rates
  • Designs available for hard to handle materials


• Steel • Non-ferrous Metals Primary Process • Cement •
• Incineration • Boilers • Biomass • Waste-to-Energy •

Smart Dry Feeding and Metering Systems

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Activated Carbon Injection System Schematic

Dry Dosing Systems from Process Control Experts
STM boasts an extensive experience on dry dosing of sodium bicarbonate, dry lime and activated carbon for gas cleaning applications worldwide.

Systems Supplier + Equipment Designer
STM EcoSystems is one of the leading systems suppliers with respect to R&D, engineering, design and manufacture of dry feeding equipment.

What Do You Ask Of Your Dry Feeder Systems?
First of All, Maximum Efficiency and Reliability.

These characteristics are influenced by completely different factors: during the operating life of a dry dosing system, injection inaccuracies can far exceed the capital investment, therefore precise implementation of advanced and accurate weigh sensing, feeding and inverter technologies is of fundamental importance.

Only a system that provides maximum reliability can guarantee availability and continuity. Reliability, in this case, means continuous availability of a sorbent that meets a specific injection rate accuracy – and this reliability presupposes a system that provides maximum efficiency under all operating conditions.

More Savings, Accurate Injection Rates

STM EcoSystems MDS Series Smart Feeding Systems are the solution:

  • No additional parts to engineer, purchase or assemble

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Elevated reliability

  • Guaranteed feeder accuracy

  • Guaranteed continuous operation

For non pollution control applications, please visit the STM Micron website - click here

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Dosing System with Super Sack Unloader

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Detail Views of In-line Lump Breaker

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MDS-AC Compressed Air Transport Schematic

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MDS-AC Dual Compressed Air Transport Schematic

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MDS-AC Compressed Air Transport Component Details

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MDS-P Blower Transport Schematic with Component Details

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MDS-VS Flow Through Valve Transport Schematic with Component Details

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MDS-A Water Transport Schematic for Activated Carbon Injection
in Water Treatment Applications

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