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STM SNCR and Hybrid SCR DeNOx Solutions

Dry SNCR Feeding and Injection Equipment

Available Features
• Fully Dry Operation and Injection
• In-situ Urea to Ammonia Principle
• Activator Technology for Low Temperatures
• Designed for High Dust Conditions

Design Benefits
• Dry DeNOx - No nozzles to plug, better distribution
• High temperature Formula (
• Low temperature Formula (300-600°C)
• Low Capital Cost - High Efficiency (80%)
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• Steel • Non-ferrous Metals Primary Process • Cement •
• Incineration • Boilers • Biomass • Waste-to-Energy •

STM EcoSystems EcoSelecTech Urea-based Dry DeNOx Systems

Dry Urea-based DeNOx Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) processes are the simplest and most-advanced way to reduce NOx. We help OEMs and end users with the lowest cost solution and flexible approach - from supplying the components only, to supplying a complete turnkey systems solutions.

According to the gas temperature of the location available for injection, various solutions are available that can provide up to 80% NOx removal with
virtually zero maintenance. Our extensive process experience and exclusive gas distribution design allows us to achieve the highest removal efficiencies for any application while preserving maintainability and process freedom.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you solve your DeNOx problems!

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